SIFF 2011 Recap

And there you have it folks. Another wildly successful film festival in the Pacific Northwest. It’s a good thing we had rain well into June this year, or I’d almost feel guilty spending so much time in theaters. Having attended SIFF last year, I was more familiar with the venues and programming layout. This allowed me to go totally batshit overboard and spend hundreds of dollars (including a new car window and a $3 parking ticket) seeing almost 20 films. And I still worked full time and went to my part-time classes. I know, I’m pretty awesome.

Once again, for the lethargic amongst you, below is a list of all the films I watched this year along with final grades and links to reviews. My heartfelt thanks to all of the directors, producers, actors, family members, cinematographers, volunteers, programers, and SIFF members for investing so much of their time in SIFF, and so much of their souls in the world of film. Whether I gave these films an A+ or an F, I fully respect and appreciate filmmaking in all its forms and I applaud anyone who manages to make a film and get it shown at a festival. Best of luck to all of you and your films. Once again, if you have time, money, or passion for film, help out SIFF here.

Also, I know it’s a year too late, but if Joe Mitacek is out there somewhere, my apologies for never responding to your awesome comment on my review of your film Morning last year. I fully intended to, but life gets in the way. Thanks so much for your thoughts, and good luck!

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Hot Coffee: D+

Revenge: A Love Story: B+

To Be Heard: A

The Redemption of General Butt Naked: B

The Clink of Ice: A-

The Off Hours: B-

Angel of Evil: D+

We Are The Night: B

The Last Circus: A-

John Carpenter’s The Ward: B-

Tyrannosaur: A

Outrage: A-

Hooked: C-

The Future: B+

The Trip: B-

How to Die in Oregon: N/A

Ex: C+

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